Thank you for your interest in my services and offerings!  I am so glad you are here. I look forward to supporting you. We are currently creating our new website and offerings and I can’t wait to share them with you! My Luminous Baby services and offerings (now available) extend beyond the avenues through which I have supported families and professionals for the past 40 years. My current services and offerings have three distinct service and educational areas to support you—luminous pregnancy, luminous baby, and love-sourced mothering. Each is unique and each can be our primary focus in working together. You may also choose to combine any of them to create your own customized private work with me or program for groups. It’s exciting! With love, Wendy

Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, RN

Mentor, Educator, and Consultant

Serving Families and Professionals for Over 40 Years
Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Specialty Services and Education to Support: 

Luminous Baby
Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
Love-Sourced Mothering

Luminous Babies are Calling Us

We are in the midst of a grand evolution in human consciousness.

What happens at the very beginning of life holds the secret to cultivating the extraordinary awakening of our multidimensional human consciousness in our next generation.

Luminous babies arriving now are coming in with more of their complexity, their multidimensional wholeness “online” and that includes more access to their higher dimensional Self and to the light of their True Self.

Babies are arriving with more greater capacities and awareness, but they are also more sensitive and needing more from us to help them in their transition.

These times are unprecedented. We need new maps, new tools, new ways of being that support ourselves and our babies to make this metamorphosis with the most ease and grace.

I am bringing all my knowledge, wisdoms, tools, and practices together at a higher octave than ever before to help you support your Luminous Baby and experience a Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

Let’s explore this new emerging multidimensional luminous world together. We are making the maps for generations to come.

Luminous Pregnancy

Private personal sessions to support you, your baby and partner during this incredibly powerful and important journey during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I help you resolve, restore, transform, optimize, and create the birth and life in which you all thrive. Professional mentoring to learn the understandings, approaches, and techniques I use to support the multidimensional wholeness and thriving for mother, baby, and partner.

Luminous Baby

Our New Multidimensional Understandings of Babies Clinical findings, new early development model and practical implications. These offerings are the core educational component that is the foundation of the new work, approaches, and awakened family living. This component is woven into private family and professional mentoring and educational programs.

Love-Sourced Mothering

In-depth one-on-one evolutionary awakening mentoring for mothers. Mothering can be a path of self-empowerment, self-transformation, but even more than that, it can be a path of self-actualization. Some will be called to go further. Mothering and motherhood can be an avenue of an evolutionary path towards spiritual awakening to the True Self. In this work, we include the baby and the multidimensional mother-baby path of the True Self.

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We invite you to join our community and receive Wendy’s free article, Consciousness from the Beginning of Life.

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